All Politics is local – candidates for President
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All Politics is local – candidates for President


Speaking of Social Security – who has the best plan? When Franklin D. Roosevelt came up with the idea he cleverly gave his plan a name that few could argue with. Who could argue with the idea of being socially secure – everyone wants that! Forty years later Lyndon B. Johnson added Medicare. Another forty years have passed. We are ready for the next big change in ‘social’ security. Does that include health care for everyone? Fair wages? Equal treatment under the law?

An election is upon us. The choices that the American public makes in the next eighteen months will dramatically impact all of us for the next forty years. Those grandchildren will be almost as old as I am now. I have paid a great deal in taxes – and my elderly parents are socially secure. My question today is: Who is best prepared to lead us into the next half century? And you, young man, you and your wife and your children will pay for the product.

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