On being a Democrat
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On being a Democrat


You happen to live in a state that has a presidential primary. Thus there is a practical need to declare a party affiliation. I like your choice for the Democratic candidate – but like many others I have reservations. Like most others, I want the corruption of a very good government system to end. The new guy, Obama yo’mama, is not yet infected with the virus of power. That is good. My only worry is that the conscious criminals of Washington – those only concerned with power and greed – may be too slick for him. He is pretty smart – but so was Jimmy Carter. My second concern about Barack is lack of foreign policy experience – it would be unfair to compare a man of Obama’s intellect to the lack of experience of George H. Bush. Anywho, you live where you live and you had to make a decision – You made a good choice.

In the next sentence after announcing you were a Democrat you mentioned that you were also a Methodist. Is there a correlation?


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