The Right to the Faith of Our Choice.
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The Right to the Faith of Our Choice.


Social norms are a tough business. I am going to venture that there are some cultural influences that you do not want in your children’s lives – at least not at their young age. The problem is that in our modern era almost all communities have become rather cosmopolitan – there are blended cultures. Then we send our children off to public schools where they are confronted by the cultural diversity of the community. Some of which we do not approve of.

The right-wing evangelicals have banded together to state very clearly what their accepted ‘norms’ are. They are voting in blocks to influence school district boards, library boards, representatives, senators, governors, Dairy Queen’s, and even Las Vegas. Are they wrong? Only when their norm conflicts with mine. I like them when they promote my agenda – I don’t like them when they oppose my agenda.

Fortunately for all of us – we have a government of laws, guided by a constitution. Keep your own faith and be active in the political process. Have faith that the world is actually getting better – some days it doesn’t feel like it – but humanity is progressing in the concept of civilization.

It is incumbent on us, as citizens in this country, to express our views. This magazine is one forum. Technology will transform communications, communications will transform the world. It is imperative that we stay engaged in the process.


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