Listening to General Patreus
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Listening to General Patreus


I am listening to General Patreus right now. The hearing opened with partisan statements by two Democrats and two Republicans. I wish those folks would just keep their faces shut so we can hear what the man has to say. They already threw several protesters out of the hearing – the partisan showmanship should be sent out with the protesters.

We, the people, are trying to understand what is happening. I am personally sick of the partisan bickering that serves to distort the truth. Rep. Duncan Hunter, who is running for the Republican Presidential Nomination, has to rank with the worst of the partisans.

Ike Skelton just interrupted General Patreus to throw another protester out of the room. Way to go Ike – now throw the partisanship out with the protester!


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  1. Duncan Hunter Discovers Terror Plot in Gen. Petraeus Hearing!

    Republican presidential candidate, Duncan Hunter of California, discovered a plot by Terrorist, AKA “People” speaking out during the hearing.

    Read the story and see the Video about Terror on TV!

  2. Hey – I like your wit

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