Patreus is calling for a drawdown of troops
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Patreus is calling for a drawdown of troops


General Patreus has just called for a ‘drawdown’ in U.S. Troops in Iraq. He is trying to explain what he means – I am getting confused with all of the details. That is the problem. This is a complicated issue with huge consequences…. Now Patreus is reiterating the dire consequences of a rapid retreat…. He is a smart guy. I believe he is being honest in his presentation – but this man is acutely aware of the political climate he finds himself.

He is closing with a statement on the enormous privilege of serving with his comrades. “All Americans should be proud…” The protesters erupt. Ike is at the microphone… Things sometimes happen quickly in Washington.

Brian Willians just announced that Cindy Sheehan was one of those removed. Ike says that all of those removed will be prosecuted…. It goes on… The Ambassador is now speaking.


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