a virtual fireside chat…
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Bryan is an artist, father, husband, and son (not really in that order). He works for the Department of Vetern's Affairs and writes and administers The Fireside Post with his father, Ohg Rea Tone. His writings have not been published, though they have been printed a lot.

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a virtual fireside chat…

the fireside chat -episode 001


Hey, it’s our first podcast! I think the reference to the original fireside chats of FDR is apropriate, since the radio was his tool to create a sense of closeness with his audience. It worked, and it seems we have come in a virtual full circle. From writing to reading to 007, I enjoy our conversations. I am glad to get the opportunity to share a little about what this blog means to us and chat about some of the things we enjoy. I hope to bring many fireside chats to this place, and to anyone who wants to join, in the future.


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