Christianity and Capitalism
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Christianity and Capitalism


Is there a conflict between Christianity and Capitalism. I rather think that these philosophical elements make a nice marriage.

This country was founded on two basic principles. The Pilgrims at Plymouth were seeking religious refuge. The tradesmen at Jamestown were seeking economic prosperity. Today we marry these ideologies – the product is a prosperous country with moral conviction.

Well… OK – so we don’t get it right every time.


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  1. There’s a conflict. Without the profit incentive there is no capitalism. I don’t know how this squares with the Gospel. Perhaps I am fixating on the all too common excesses in the system. I still think it’s the best system out there.

  2. There is conflict – but the marrying of the two combines in many cases for the good of all. Philanthropy abounds in this country – from the United Way to private Foundations. I like to believe this because it justifies my belief in our system of government – I suppose I may be a little naive – but it suits my sanity.

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