Pit Bulls and Republicans
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Pit Bulls and Republicans


The attack dogs are breeding. The muffling process of the Primaries disguises the Machiavellian mentality of self proclaimed leaders. Only restricted by fear that they might harm their pack, the Republicans are frustrated. They are off stride. The Democrats are well ahead in the money game. An unpopular President George Bush holds the leash and the dogs are straining.

There is a mentality of viciousness, fostered by trainers such as Karl Rove. The Missouri 6th District Republican Congressman, Sam Graves, voted against stronger laws on dog fighting last spring. He said that the States already have laws, why bother. This Republican was protecting his kindred spirit – the pit bull. He has a strong reelection challenge from former Kansas City Mayor Kay Barnes – she had better get her padding reinforced – because Sam Graves has a history of attacking with vigor. Graves follows the lead of his Party – they think this behavior makes them look strong or something.

Republican Presidential candidate Governor Mike Huckabee, responded in a debate last week: we might lose a war, but we must never lose our honor. I like this guy. But he showed up at the Party wearing the wrong clothes.

On this anniversary of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, we look to strong and courageous leaders. Vicious and attacking is not the same as strong and courageous.


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