Same turkey, different flavors
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Same turkey, different flavors


As you are well aware, I like to bake a turkey. Not so much the turkey – but the turkey dinner experience. When I bake a whole turkey I like to prepare my favorite oyster dressing ( my own recipe.) While the turkey cooks I like to make my own bread (I have developed my own recipe for a sweet bread.) I like to drain the juices and make my own gravy (also my own recipe.) There is nothing like creamy mashed potatoes, fresh turkey and oyster dressing, served with fresh bread right out of the oven, and any vegetable of your choice. Baking a turkey is a whole day experience for me. I love the aromas drifting through the house. I enjoy finding creative ways to use the leftovers – I could go on and on about leftovers. You get the point. Baking a turkey is about life-style as much as it is about economics.

What about cost. Six of one, half a dozen of the other. I don’t know. I know that when I want expediency I buy pre-cut, pre-prepared, pre-fun turkey products. We have to be honest with ourselves – we live in a busy world. I am as worried about Global Warming as anyone – I have been convinced of this reality for almost fifteen years. I like to watch my dollars – sometimes we become penny-wise and dollar-foolish.

Modern life is about compromise.


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