the politics of the modern crusades…
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the politics of the modern crusades…


I am a Democrat today because I cannot subscribe to the politics of the modern crusades.

I have, in the past, been afraid to state a political position or defend a political candidate. I have also been reluctant to attack a public figure for fear that I might find in my heart that I couldn’t do it any better. I am glad to hear your positions and proud to claim you as my dad, agree or disagree. I happen to agree

I have to come back to the idea of fundamentalist belief systems and how damaging they can be. There is military and war language abound in fundamentalist teachings, and the conservative platform uses the same language. Well, they are actually talking about war, but it is interesting how similar they all sound. how can we use the same language to talk about our God, who is Love, and our Generals, who construct wars. I respect Generals and I understand the position that they find themselves in. but I refuse to place them into the hierarchy of the spiritual.


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  1. We compromise our faith at all times, it would seem. I think that in the US most of the Church does not practice Christianity but some type of American religion that incorporates the biblical tenants that most obviously support patriotism, nationalism, classism and capitalism.

    With all due respect, I think there is little difference among the political parties. I have been a conservative Republican all may life, at least utill I recently allowed Jesus to engage me. There may be things that a nation needs to do, but I don’t think that it is too often what we can call “Christian”. I am a capitalist and think that, within our flawed natures, it is the best way to ensure the most liberty for the most people. But what Jesus have endorsed this flawed system, based as it is upon greed?

  2. that should have been would not what Jesus have endorsed. sorry

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