Forgiving self
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Forgiving self


I have been writing about humility and learning from mistakes – that sort of thing. It brings me to think about forgiveness. It feels to me that at least two of my three children forgive me for being me – One still has a burr under their saddle. That is OK with me.

The bigger problem is one of forgiving self. Occasionally I hear one of my adult children say something I might have told them twenty five years ago – something that I now am embarrassed to have said. I don’t blame the adult child – but it really hurts to realize the life long influence of foolishness in parenting.

You don’t need to blabber about forgiving me – just be as good of a parent as you can be.


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  1. I’ve met grandparents engaged in dealing with their mental relationship with deceased parents. You have children when you have the strength to deal with them.
    Wisdom starts with realizing you are going to make mistakes, you will, and you have. Best thought. I wish I had raised dogs before I had raised kids. They are much easier to understand but will give you the essentials.

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