Patraeus, Chris Matthews, and Bin Laden
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Patraeus, Chris Matthews, and Bin Laden


General David Patraeus is a noble man. A man of honor, courage, and integrity. He is in a tight spot. Even Senators who know better are asking him to opine on issues that are not his to decide.

The General was asked if the War in Iraq was making the United States ‘safer.’ The General responded, “I don’t know.” Essentially he said that was not his call to make. I think he answered correctly. He surely has an opinion on the question – but he was smart enough not to go there. The talking heads in the ‘entertainment media’ made a big toot – Chris Matthews of Hardball fame said, “If he doesn’t know, who does? It is surely not the President.” What was Chris Matthews thinking? If Chris Mathews has a fight to pick – it is not with the General.

After watching General Patraeus I am even more proud of our men in uniform. He is bright and articulate and honest. He knows his boundaries and he stayed within those boundaries. The talking heads should be so smart.

The real contrast is the Patraeus hearing in Congress and the video released by Osama Bin Laden. One has the courage to sit in the open light of day and answer questions by any sleazy politician who has the gall to challenge a noble man; the other hides in a cave and espouses hate and violence.

I may be a Missouri hill billy – but I’ll put my stock in the man of integrity – General Patraeus.


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  1. I’m stunned! Is this the same writer I responded to yesterday?

  2. I don’t know. My son thanked me for my this post because he thought we were beginning to look like we leaned too far left. I am a social liberal, and economic conservative. I believe in accountability and integrity. I respect people that I do not agree with – if they speak and act out of honorable convictions.

    I like General Patraeus. I respect him as a man of honor.


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