Bush tax cuts
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Bush tax cuts


Something is wrong with the U.S. Economy. George W. Bush and his Republican cronies lowered taxes a few years past to provide stimulation – if that is sound logic, what happened?

A couple of things. Economics is not really rocket science – think income and expense. Bush and the Republicans lowered the income and raised the expenses – it doesn’t work that way. If we lower income we must necessarily lower expenses – Duhbo-u!

The other irritation to me personally is the regulation of banks and credit card companies – don’t even get me started on payday or title loan shams. This sanctioning of loan sharking by our Government is a total embarrassment. The policy of rabid encouragement of debt by Republican corporate leaders has led us to the current housing crisis. Now those Republican legislators want to bail their friends out of the hole they dug. They want to take my tax dollars and give them to the folks who have been raiding the poor peoples cupboards – and the alternative is that the economy will collapse and my hard earned investments will be jeopardized.

Where is a good old conservative like Pat Buchanan when you need him? George Will, where are you?


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  1. It turns out that in countries with legal loan sharking the poor are marginally better off.

    Say the car breaks down before payday. What to do? Forgo the income or see a loan shark?

    OTOH is it better to leave this type of finance to criminals?

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