the social gospel and Gary North…
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the social gospel and Gary North…


I read this quote this morning and thought that I would share it with you…

“Why does a slight tax increase cost you $200 and a substantial tax cut save you thirty cents” – Peg Bracken

I also read an article from a guy named Gary North about the Social Gospel. the “Social Gospel” is an old term for the sort of Christianity that is embraced by those on the political left. I don’t have much love for Gary North or the Social Gospel, but I think that, in finding truth in a faith system, basing your judgments on love and compassion is a safe bet. I have noticed, in reading and looking around, that somehow our system of church and state has been turned around. The government is charged with enacting laws and maintaining infrastructure, and the church is charged with feeding the hungry, caring for widows and orphans, housing the homeless, etc. The problem with Mr. North and with the Social Gospelers is that neither of them recognize that the church has more interest today in rules and infrastructure than the government, and the government has become the agent for caring for the folks that the church has neglected. No one is looking to change their own actions in order to, as Gandhi suggested,”be the change you want to see in the world.” Both are just perpetuating their own political agenda.

Dad, I am striving to be a person who is changed by what I believe. I believe that I have been commissioned, by Jesus personally, to care for the needy and to feed those who are hungry. I will walk with prostitutes, fishermen, and yes, Mr. North, tax collectors. I tend to vote for tax increases, but I supplement that with voluntary giving. If I am to commit myself to allowing what I believe to change who I am, then I must only keep what I need, so it shouldn’t matter where the money goes. I still struggle with that. I spend too much money on things I don’t need, I still shy away from opportunities to help people because it makes me uncomfortable. But each day is a new opportunity, and I refuse to believe that Love and Grace are oversimplifications


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