Economic Conservative or Social Liberal?
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Economic Conservative or Social Liberal?


I like to tell people that I am an Economic Conservative and a Social Liberal. Are these opposing forces? That depends on how the News Media defines the terms. The problem with labels is the inflexibility of thought or compromise.

When I think of Economic Conservative I think of being cautious with my money. I don’t like debt. I don’t have to be rich – just responsible with what I have. When I think of Social Liberal I think of being kind to my fellow man. I don’t have to rescue someone from their irresponsible behavior – enabling them to continue being irresponsible. But I do have to be sensitive to the plight of hungry and sick children.

Here is the problem today. Economic Conservative suggests to the Congress that I support Big Corporations – at the expense of Global Warming. Social Liberal suggests that I support abortion and gay marriage – at the expense of family values. I think this is the result of a narrowly focused News Media, desperate to generalize in order to fit their 30 second opportunities to blabber.

The cowardly News Media has been effectively manipulated by masterful organizers of opinion – people like Karl Rove, Gary North, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton. There is no interest in truth, or consequences. Our system has become one of win/lose. If we seek win/win then we are labeled as being unfaithful to ‘the cause.’ Are these the people that represent America? Do any of these people represent you?

Everyman wants to be accepted. No one wants to be rejected. The result is that we all lose.


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  1. They are not opposing forces at all!

    This is the position I hold. Makes perfect sense to me.


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