Giuliani – terrorists and mobsters!
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Giuliani – terrorists and mobsters!


Rudy Giuliani has the best track record of fighting terrorists. He has been fighting terrorists for 25 years. And he is pretty good at it. He is good at putting them out of business and into jail.
Not one other candidate has his credentials. Ok – so what is a terrorist? I have to stretch the definition to make my case – but not by much. Terrorists are people who intimidate, maim, and kill for self interest. It is not much of a stretch to put Organized Crime in the category of terrorism. Call them what you want – Mobsters, gangsters, street gangs, religious radicals – they have the same methods and strategies. “Either you do what I want or I will break your legs – it you testify against me (snitch) I will kill you!” Osama Bin Laden has just call for a jihad against the Pakistan leadership for helping the U.S.

These thugs have not been able to intimidate Giuliani – he really is a tough guy. People like to refer to his term as NY Mayor when talking about his credentials – but he was elected Mayor based on his record as an effective crime fighter. (Terrorists are criminals.)

If one puts fighting terrorism as the top priority of this country – then take a hard look at Giuliani.

Now the disclaimer – Giuliani is best at fighting terrorism after the fact – meaning that the best fight against street gangs and organized crime is in prevention. That means stronger families, better education, decent jobs, better mental health care – all that social liberal stuff.


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