Marxism and McCarthyism
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Marxism and McCarthyism


Conservative commentators are out of control. I am on a toot about the irresponsible comments of Michael Reagan! Because there are some of us who believe in the merits of health care for all Americans, Mr. Reagan calls us Marxist. This type of name calling discredits the history of noble discourse, also guaranteed by the United States Constitution. The Conservative Commentators of today would not have been seen as worthy of inclusion in the Federalist Papers.

Mr. Reagan innocently uses the term Marxist, knowing the connotation. The idea is to embarrass and intimidate people into political loyalty and conformity, a shameful exercise and an embarrassment to legitimate journalism, but typical of shallow thinkers. It is an old McCarthy Era strategy of calling people Communists – but only when they disagree. Would it be fair, or even profitable, for someone to refer to Mr. Reagan ‘and his fellow McCarthyists… the conservative commentators?’

Fair – but not profitable.



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