Patreus remembered
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Patreus remembered


He came. He testified. He disappeared. Where did that man go? He left the States and went to England to testify there about progress in Iraq. They want to hear what he has to say – so do I.

General Patreus is truly a man of honor – caught in a war with unforeseen consequences, caught in a partisan political climate – with consequences for all of us. Some of his answers during testimony were,”I don’t know.” I thought that was an honorable answer. He surely had ideas about the answer, but correctly identified the questions as out of his realm of influence.

He is not the Attorney General – avoiding answers by saying, “I don’t recall.” His answer said to me, ‘…that is not my call to make. So in the interest of not muddying the already murky political waters of Washing D.C., I will just say that I don’t know.’

Fair enough. Good job General!


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