Iran and War/Diplomacy
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Iran and War/Diplomacy


Are we on the path to war with Iran? Even the French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner is saying, “We have to prepare for the worst, and the worst is war.” Robert Gates, the United States Defense Secretary, said, “…all options are on the table.”

I hope that means the option of diplomacy. So what is War and what is diplomacy. That depends on if you ask the ACLU or the NRA, Democrats or Republicans. Actually, I think the American people are beginning to understand WAR; I am less convinced that the everyday American citizen understands what diplomacy means.

The point about definition being in the interpretation of Republicans or Democrats is the result of posturing by leader wannabees. If Democrats say we need diplomacy we hear “Lets ask them what they want?” If Republicans say we need diplomacy we hear, “Lets tell them what we are going to do.” The common denominator is “Lets TALK.”

Diplomacy also means, “Lets LISTEN.”


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