politicians and politicking
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politicians and politicking


I did an experiment with two political campaigns. I copied two of our ‘posts’ and then went to two different Presidential Campaign web sites. I ‘pasted’ the copied material into the comments section of the two sites and sent it off. I used Hillary Clinton and John Edwards as my test subjects. I should apologize to them here – sorry.

I immediately received a very nice thank you email from the Clinton Campaign. The next day I received another very nice email from the Clinton Campaign – they offered a FREE BUMPER STICKER! The next day, today, I received an email from the Edwards Campaign, asking for a donation. Geez, I waited two days and I don’t even get a bumper sticker!

Does this reflect on the Candidates, probably not. Does it reflect on their campaign staff and campaign philosophy – very much so. So I guess it does reflect something on the candidates themselves.

I wonder if I can get more free stuff from the other candidates. Perhaps I should check the give-away strategies of the Republicans.

I love the campaign season – too bad it is so short.


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