Cursed by Clever Harry Potter Humor

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Cursed by Clever Harry Potter Humor


Someone got to us. That web site previously referred to as some wacko fundamentalist is actually a spoof on on wacko Christianity – it is very well done! Here it is again! I love a good joke – even if it is on me.

Now why would I be so ready to believe all of that nonsense? I was ready, primed by the world I live in. One of the Board Members at the local YMCA told me that she would not allow her children to read Harry Potter. A Community Support Worker at the local community mental health center told me that Harry Potter and the Lord Of The Rings were works of the devil.

I was primed. I did not bother to read the whole thing because I was so duped that I found it disgusting.

But it is really clever – I encourage all Harry Potter fans to read the site and enjoy the spoof. Hey whoever wrote that – Good Job!


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