Harry Potter and the Fundamentalist curse
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Harry Potter and the Fundamentalist curse


Hey, check out this quote from an anti-Harry Potter website. (Click here to see the site.) This lady is probably afraid of H.G. Wells.

“Harry (Daniel Radcliffe), wearing a Dorothy Hamill unisex hairstyle resurrected from the 1970’s by America’s First Lady Laura Bush, is Jesus Killer Rowling’s (and you wonder why she goes by her initials!) homosexual recruitment poster-boy. How do we know he is a depraved homosexual? Well, he’s English. Furthermore, when he lives with his dreadful Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia, he sleeps “in the closet.” (I never claimed that secular imagery was anymore subtle than our own!) As Harry becomes more attuned to his satanic powers, he comes “out of the closet” and befriends Hagrid (Robbie Coltrane), an old biker “bear” of lascivious intentions.

This is the sort of absurdity that I expect to hear in a comedy routine from Larry the Cable Guy. It would be hilarious in that context. In the context of serious debate it scares me to death. Are there really people out there with this level of fear of children’s stories? I know there are, and sadly some of them work in the helping professions.

Doesn’t this lady know that it is bad luck to be superstitious?


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  1. The website you referenced is CLEARLY a spoof website, satirically making fun of the fundamentalist mindset. I’m amazed that YOU didn’t realize that it actually IS on the level of Larry the Cable Guy. Just scroll to the bottom of the site and see the banner across the bottom. Not a serious website at all…

  2. Hey Carey
    Thank you so much. I was totally and completely duped. I read the first part of that site and was so disgusted that I did not finish it – It is actually a very serious site – in a sarcastic sort of way. Thak you again. I really enjoyed going back to the site and admiring the cleverness.

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