Jesus denies authoritarian rule…
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Jesus denies authoritarian rule…


In the book “Pillars of the Earth,” Ken Follet tells the story of a monk, Prior Phillip, and his attempt to create a respectable village amidst the anarchy of the civil war between King Steven and Empress Matilda. There is a minor character who is a monk that betrays Philip to aid the authoritarian bishop Waleran Bigod. Prior Phillip has the opportunity at the end of the book to shame the traitor monk and turn him away, but he does not. He redeems the life of the monk and invites him to return to Kingsbridge Cathedral. Phillip even dismounts and allows the fallen monk to return with pride atop Phillip’s horse.

It is no easier today to accept authoritarian rule than it has been in the past when Americans have decided that they would rather die fighting it than accept or submit to it. But I must say that even Adolf Hitler was a person. Stopping his holocaust was a moral imperative, but dehumanizing even him is dangerous, as that is the stuff that his road was paved with. I am doing my best to understand what is expected of me if I am to walk through this world as Jesus might if he were here with me. I cannot accept the abuse of church power to oppress the people of the world, but I will continue to sharpen my empathy and to love and serve the pepple of the world, starting with the people next door. Power hungry pastors are wrong, but Jesus calls us not to follow them. He had some not-so-nice names for them, as a matter of fact. I cannot allow the oppression of the brokers of absolute power to persuade me not to act out what I believe will make me a better person and will challenge me to be set apart from them. There is a message abound that encourages bitterness, fear, anger, and hatred. I will not make my message resemble it in any way, and if I do, feel free to correct me.


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  1. I just received this in an email.

    [Those] courageous in disposition and strong in will, live with the weak and share their lives in their desire to save them. And, to be sure, they are censured by people on the outside and mocked by those who see them spending their lives with people less disciplined. [Their behavior] is like the Lord’s for the Lord ate with tax collectors and sinners. Their attitude is characterized by brotherly love rather than self-love for they regard those who sin as houses on fire; giving no thought to their own interests, they apply their efforts to save what belongs to others…. Good people have placed their own possessions second to the salvation of others. This is the sign of genuine love. These people are the custodians of pure love.
    – Life of Syncletica
    Quoted in Essential Monastic Wisdom: Writings on the Contemplative Life by Hugh Feiss.

  2. Dawn – I am very proud of you

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