Michael Moore – Sicko on Oprah
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Michael Moore – Sicko on Oprah


Love him or hate him, Michael Moore has struck a nerve in America. He is on Oprah as I write. I am trying to capture the essence of what they are saying. Oprah has people in the audience from previous health care encounters with Presidential Candidates. There are some disturbing and very emotional stories of poor health care in this great country.

Oprah, “…It’s an eye opening experience… and I really thank you for having the courage to do it… the films speaks to the question of who do we want to be as Americans… I think every American should see the film Sicko.” Oprah had Lisa Ling call three health care companies about three specific cases of inadequate health care – health care that was denied by insurance companies. Not one of the companies would talk with Ms. Ling.

Oprah had previously talked with Michael Moore and asked her audience for a response – she says, “Boy, did I ever here from you!”

Oprah states, “On average, having a brain tumor cost $200,000 or more… leukemia – up to $600,000… 50% of bankruptcy is caused by health care bills.”

Oprah asks, “Do you fundamentally believe that the child of a gas station attendant and the child of an investment banker deserve the same health care?… Do we all have the right to the same health care in this country?”

Other professionals on the show: “It’s immoral not to have health care for everyone… Experimental procedures are not covered by insurance companies… Every individual should appeal when they feel they are wronged… We have issues with Medicare and their denial rate – we have to do a better job of dealing with people who are falling through the cracks.”

Michael Moore: “What’s wrong is not government intervention – it is the people we put in charge of our government..the first thing we have to do is ask who we are as a people…”

Oprah, “The truth is that whatever we say – our behavior has not supported health care…” Some other man on her show says, “Should we offer health care as we offer elementary and secondary education in this country?”

Michael Moore: “We don’t need to call this socialized medicine, we should call it Christianized medicine.”

Oprah notes: “We all have the same right to police and fire protection and to education, shouldn’t we all have the same right to health care?”

That german man on the show said,”Breast cancer is a natural disaster – we should help these people.”

Michael Moore: “We have socialized medicine in the military…. Where do you think profit should play a role in the health of individuals…”

The Oprah show goes on – what more can I add?

Readers – we welcome your comments and opinions on this critical issues in America.


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  1. As much as I dislike Oprah, I have to agree with her here. I’m a Canadian and had no idea what the health care system is like in the US until that film and, while I’m sure (at least I really really hope) that the true situation is not as bad as Moore made it out, even if it is a quarter true, it’s disgusting. Call me a socialist if you like, but I think that universal health care is as important as public education. It absolutely is immoral not to have universal health care – making heaps of money off of the most desperate and needy among you should not be the American way. Mind you, Canada is starting to head down the privatization path, but I have the highest hopes that we will remember our roots and keep taking care of each other.

  2. Natasha,

    Thank you for your comments – they are refreshing and continue to renew my faith in the basic goodness of mankind.

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