Dead Immigrants
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Dead Immigrants


We have become a disgusting society. Reader – prepare yourself for some sarcasm – this struck me as a blatant disregard for human life – read on. The banner headline on MSNBC as we speak is “Unidentified bodies often buried at taxpayer expense.” Heaven Forbid! What have we come to? Doctor Stern (Someone being interviewed by Mika Brzezinski) just said “It becomes the burden of the taxpayer!” Oh My! What a burden. Some poor snook died trying to find a better life and now we have to bury him! He should have been more thoughtful. That is the problem with immigrants – they are just so selfish.

What were they thinking when they began their quest? It’s OK if I die on this journey, those rich Americans will bury me at their own expense? Who cares – they have money.

Our News Media is on such a toot to get the story first that they do not realize how foolish they sound.


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  1. It is at our expense though. It’s not that big of a deal I guess aside from the possible hazmat issues, but it’s just one more thing that the illegals are costing us.

  2. jonolan,
    That is terrible, terrible. Would you want to make me believe that you are charged and extra 0.02% of tax dollars per month (on top of what you’re already taxed) just to bury immigrants ?

  3. thank you, tandula. thank you for saying what everyone was already thinking. Thank you both for your contributions and comments.

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