Show Me State Jeep Club
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Show Me State Jeep Club


I went for my daily walk today. It is a beautiful fall day here in Northwest Missouri. I walk four blocks to the extensive hiking/biking trail that runs through our picturesque parkway system, then I walk three miles along the trail. I turned onto the trail at one of our local parks. The park was host to a picnic of the Show Me State Jeep Club. Grills were smoking and children were playing. The adults were lounging around the picnic tables. There was a banner hanging from a tree announcing the purpose of the event.

There were eleven Jeep Wranglers, 19 adults, and six children.

I think the attendance problem is in the name, ‘Show Me State Jeep Club.’ They would likely have much better attendance if they changed their name to something like:

Harley-Davidson Jeep Club, or

Bikers for Babes Jeep Club, or

Tatoo Your Momma Jeep Club, or

We Eat Hummers for Breakfast Jeep Club, or perhaps

Four Wheelers on Steroids Jeep Club.

I don’t know. I am pretty sure they were having a good time – in spite of my observations. Two of them are back home right now – writing on their blogs about lonely old men walking on bike trails.


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