Apple Inc. – Highway Reststop
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Apple Inc. – Highway Reststop


Steve Jobs, inventor, entrepreneur, corporate mogul, marketing wizard, philanthropist – what has he done? Apple Computer has created a stop along the highway, a place where weary travelers in the daily journey through technology can stop in and refresh themselves. This is an old story.

The human relationship with technology is the outward manifestation of what makes humans different than other life forms on this planet. We praise the inventors – because they benefit all of us. That first caveman who tied a rock to a stick to whack the threatening wolf was a hero. Then someone discovered metal – malleable copper, then mixed metals – alloys – and bronze owned an age. The new iSword began the evolution of modern warfare.

With metals came machines. Ramses II was the first to own an iChariot. There was a lull in the dark ages – but people came out swinging. Swinging in the sense that most technological innovation was for the advancement of iwarfare. There was a short period in human history that we disparagingly refer to as the middle ages – that era spawned the Italian Renaissance and the Age of Reason – none of that stuff lasted very long in the course of human events. Technology was the first born and was to be nurtured to carry the mantle of humanity.

The industrial revolution trumped art and philosophy. When the first born male of industry was arranged in marriage to the beautiful and gracious daughter of technology – an new era was spawned. Humanity needed a better way to manage this industry – it was just too big and unwieldy. The deft hand of a gracious lady was required to manage the house. Behind every big business there is a computer.

The marriage of industry and technology produced Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Bill is the older brother who runs the business. Steve is that mischievous boy who likes fast cars and motorcycles. The grandchildren run Google and Youtube. The unwanted offspring of illicit affairs write blogs.

Gates drives a snooty big car down the highway. Steve races ahead on his motorcycle to get the rest stop ready, adding value to the trip.


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