Barack Obama – hope and caution
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Barack Obama – hope and caution


You talk about Barack Obama – and you have expressed your support for him. Another reason for a father to be proud of his son. Proud because Barack is not afraid to challenge the status quo, to challenge the old guard, to have the audacity of hope. You again demonstrate the ability and willingness to make up your own mind. I have enjoyed watching your thinking processes. Son – this is a very scary time in our country.

Some say people become more conservative as they get older. If we define conservative as more cautious, more deliberate, less likely to take chances – then I qualify. Very few people would call me conservative. I think you called me a flaming liberal. But as I age I become more cautious, more deliberate, and less likely to take chances. People who know me would say “WHAT! You are a huge risk taker!” That may be true – but not as much as in the past.

I fear for the future of my children and grandchildren. Our country is at the lowest point of respect in the world that I can personally remember, or remember reading about. Our national debt is out of control. Fifty million people do not have access to adequate health care. Our education system is not keeping up. Modern science has changed the landscape of addiction and crime. Religious radicals have reduced public debate to something out of the dark ages. Technology presents new opportunities and new dangers. As noted: technological advances in chemistry have created some of the most powerful addictive drugs in the history of man. And how about Global Warming- whew?

So who do we choose to lead us into this time of hope and danger? Perhaps we need someone who has the ‘audacity of hope.’

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  1. Obama is, in my opinion, the *right* choice. I’m guessing you’ve read his book (Audacity of Hope), so you’re probably aware of two important facts: 1. the man is brilliant; 2. he has a genuine reverence for the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. Both attributes put him in sharp contrast to our current president — and we NEED the opposite of rou current president.

  2. A book of platitudes does not qualify a person for office. Nor does simply comparing him to the current president and deciding the “sharp contrast” is reason enough to put him in office. Most people will not be swayed by the Obama PR onslaught that was thrust upon us. Its takes more than a book of platitudes, a shirtless cover of time magazine, and fawning press to be my president. And it should take more than that for you. So far we know that Obama is incredibly inexperienced, has horrible instincts on foreign policy, divides the black vote because he doesn’t “talk the talk”. Agree, our country is at a low point and Obama only has sweet smelling rhetoric. I’m looking elsewhere, running my country should not be daycare for this guy. Come back in 2016 and let’s see your record and accomplishments, then I’ll consider voting for him.

  3. Michael: Characterizing Barrack Obama’s “Audacity of Hope” as “a book of platitudes” is the kind of mischaracterization which makes your advice untrustworthy. As for your opinion that he “has horrible instincts on foreign policy,” I (and a lot of people) disagree. You’re entitled to your opinion, but stating that we *know* it is an outright lie.

    So I’ll give your advice all the credence it deserves: none.

  4. Tamino,

    Arrogant ignorance is not a valid way to discuss an issue. Obama’s remarks regarding Pakistan and Iran were irresponsible and only illustrated his total lack of understanding of world events in general and more specifically the political, historical and social systems in place.

    Those instincts(or shall I say lack of them), were on display for the entire world to see. Or did you miss those?

    Your post says more about you than it does about me. The fact that your willing to blindly support a candidate on surface level characteristics quite frankly is concerning. But of course, you are entitled to do that, as sad as it is.

    I would encourage you to do some indepth research on him, ask critical questions, and not be led down down a flowery path by a PR campaign designed specically for undeducated voters.

    Obama will not see office in 08, perhaps in 2016, when he has proven himself to be more than a media darling. Or perhaps Hillary will tap him for VP, its a good way to buy votes from the African American voting block. So, butch up and learn your politics!

  5. Tamino,

    YOur line of reasoning is as good as most – at least you are reasoning. It appears to me that you know more about the current political climate than most Americans. Keep the faith. If I do not support Obama it will because I have more faith or confidences in someone else – not because he is lacking. We are blessed this year to actually have choices in the democratic field.

    Ohg Rea Tone

  6. Easy on the drugs ohg…lol….doesn’t “having more faith and confindence” in someone else infer that the other is “lacking” in those certain elements that would otherwise encourage you to vote for them. Oy vey, could you try and be any more vague and confused at what you mean? LMFAO

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