Barack Obama, attacked by skeeterites
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Barack Obama, attacked by skeeterites


Barack is being attacked – and the campaign risks spiraling into trivia. But there are important points to be made. Barack does not wear one of those American Flag Lapel pins. Some have said that he is not patriotic because of this. Whoeee! Someone is nuts or something.

Barack responded with a long soliloquy about patriotism to a small Iowa TV station. That station edited his comments to suggest that he thinks that the American Flag pins are not patriotic. This is the problem with TV bloggers – they are just video versions of skeeterites.

Barack made the intellectual point that patriotism is much more than symbols or images. Patriotism lives in our words and actions. True patriots do not try to distort truth for political gain – they identify and follow the majestic intent of the Founding Fathers.

I like Obama more today than yesterday.


(Skeeterites are the ‘yellow journalists’ of blogging.)

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  1. It is sad to watch this campaign, the way statements are made, regardless of how goofy, and yet they seem to take on a life of their own. With all of the misleading statements made in this campaign, one wonders if all the history books in America are just lies. The media is supposed to be the recorder of history, but they go along kicking and screaming all the way. They are supposed to record for posterity events as they unfold so that future generations can look back and see how things occurred. But they bend, twist, slant and spin things so much that when it is all said and done you probably shouldn’t believe it. This is 2007. God only knows what the truth was in 1707, 1807 and 1907. Is there no truth in journalism code?

    What does having someone pin a flag on your lapel have to do with being President? And when did it become a requirement? So why is this superficial, (petty, deceitful, meant to distract from the real issues, like a smoke screen) even getting print time, or T V time? Gee, I just answered my own question.

    I know that what I see and hear from Senator Barack Obama, is not what is being reported truthfully. Senator Obama is the most brilliant minded public figure I have heard since Martin Luther King Jr, and that includes Bill Clinton who was brilliant, not very ethical, but brilliant.

    Senator Obama understands the state of affairs in the U.S and the world equally as well, and it’s easy for him. When something very complex is easy for someone, it’s their gift. America had better wake up and see this for what it really is. We are on a slippery slope to a point of no return. The wind of greatness is gone from our sails.

    Senator Obama offers America a chance to regain that greatness while elevating us to a status beyond anything we have ever had and putting the foundation of this country on a sound foundation once again.

    His ideas, which are complexities of the highest nature when explained by him, seem logical, practical and readily performable and he has more than enough brilliant ideas to go around.

  2. John,

    Well said – and thank you for taking the time to help America better understand central issues.

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