Garth Brooks – Concert Tickets
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Garth Brooks – Concert Tickets


Warning to reader : This not a site to buy tickets! We just talk about stuff. Garth Brooks is doing a one-time concert on November 14th at the brand new Sprint Center in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. Ticket scalping has become a sophisticated industry and the Brooks concert organizers, along with the City of Kansas City, are trying to find some equitable means of selling tickets.

The tickets go on sale today at 10:00 AM. In a nutshell – here is what the promoters are doing. Ticketmaster outlets in Missouri and Kansas, about 40 outlets, have been ‘selling’ wristbands. Here is where there is some confusion. Some are saying the wristbands cost $30, non refundable. The wristband only insures you a place in line to buy the real concert ticket. The wristbands are numbered and there will be a lottery of sorts to determine where the wristband holder gets to stand in line. Tickets for the concert are $31 – that is probably the best bargain of the decade. You gotta admire Garth Brooks. We should also admire the promoters who are trying to find a process that does not exclude Joe Public.

The State of Missery has just passed a law that makes ‘ticket scalping’ legal. Missouri is run by moral majority Republicans – what are they thinking? There is something wrong with capitalism and taxes when we, as a civilized society, have to sanction casino gambling, convenient store lotteries, and ticket scalping.

I’ll be talking about all of this in the future.


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