Democratic Choices for President
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Democratic Choices for President


Some anti-Obama guy keeps writing comments on our blog to criticize anyone who supports Barack Obama. That is his privilege and we have an ‘open comment’ format for that purpose. He likes to make it personal – that says more about him than it does about his choice of candidates – he has not yet revealed his choice. I have been ‘vague’ in our critic’s terms – but that is OK – I don’t have to cast a vote today. We are blessed this year with several good candidates on the Democratic ticket.

I like Joe Biden; I always have. He is a true student of issues and has demonstrated sound judgment in his decision making process. Chris Dodd would make a fine President. The election cycle is my first real exposure to him. Bill Richardson has demonstrated consistent maturity and honesty in many different positions of service to others. Dennis Kucinich has surprised many with his wit and candor – and frankly his voice is important in the debate. Others are running, let’s see, oh yeah, John Edwards. I liked him more before he began campaigning. He is definitely qualified – but something bothers me – perhaps it is his adamant attention to detail. I like the detail but I fear that he would be polarizing and ultimately not accomplish much. Mike Gravel has certainly been entertaining. almost forgot Hillary Clinton. Most of the candidates wear dark gray or some variation – she wears orange or red or whatever strikes her. Just kidding – I am most impressed with this candidate.

Hillary consistently demonstrates good judgment, she hits the mark every time when questioned, she has sound and doable proposals – some do not go as far as I would prefer – but they are doable. She has the single best diplomat advising her. I attached links to all of the candidate sites – check them out – Clinton’s material has the best presentation. She does not design her own web site – but she knows how to select people to do the right thing at the right time.

My mind is not made up, and I don’t have to make up my mind today. This lengthy campaign is a real opportunity to study, to learn, and to make the sound decisions we expect of the candidates.

Did I mention that I think Obama may be the most intellectual.


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The Republican Debate, Oct 9, 2007

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  1. I’d be curious to know if you change your opinion after trying the candidate calculator I referenced in a post on my blog. It’s kind of a cool way to check all of the candidates against your opinions on a wide variety of topics. I happen to like Kucinich a lot.

  2. I have been questioning many of the people around me about lawyers. People from many different walks of life, and both people familiar to me and strangers. The fairly consistant response I get when I ask the question “Could you tell me the general impression that comes to mind when I ask what you think of lawyers?”, “Well I dont think too highly of them, shady, untrustworthy, do you really want to know?”, has been a fairly typical response. My favorite response was “Well I suppose the best way I can put it is if you need one you might like them alot, but if you don’t, the gerneral feeling is distaste.”
    Please keep in mind this is a very general observation, I know there as many lawyers doing many good things out there but we all know the old joke “What do you call a thousand lawyers on the bottom of the ocean? A good start.” My question is why when a lawyer who falls into the distasteful category decides to run for office the ora of “lawyer” or “trial lawyer” simply drifts off and all of a sudden the newly titled politician has integrity, respect and is trustworthy to do the right thing for all and not the few.
    I am a conservative who will vote either party if the right candidate comes along and hold true to what I believe needs to be done for both the country and the inividual, and this is not intended to bash democratic candidates. What I am curious about is your take on why so many democratic candidates get a pass when they are former lawyers who have been involved in frivolous lawsuits and corperate law. The republican party gets regularly trashed on wealth and being elitists, while people like John Edwards get a thiry word mention on page A8 of the local newspaper when its found out that they have investment ties to a corperation that is foreclosing on houses in New Orleans, maybe thats how he was able to use that yard there to announce his candidacy, he and the bank took posession. (OK, so I did a little bashing.)
    Republican or Democrat, an elitist is an elitist, first generation or third.
    Lets call a spade a spade and get down to it and find a candidate that can be the most benifical for all of us.

  3. Joe,

    This is a difficult subject – I don’t think the problem is with lawyers – but with a system that allows monumental penalties in law suits. We the people, regular people like you and me, have the right to due process – that is fundamental to what our country is about. The lawyers are our entryway into that due process. If we are violated by a big corporation – we have a system of redress available to us – and we need good lawyers to do that.

    It is true that John Edwards made a fortune as a civil lawyer, defending the common man against violations of corporate injustice. He uses that imagery to project himself as a man of the people , the dragon slayer, defending the people of the village against the battle worn dragon of corporations.

    I celebrate John Edwards for his success in defense of people like you and me. But I also believe that we need tort reform to get these outrageous settlements under control. It is tough because, while a person may not have been harmed to the tune of say, $250,000,000, anything less would not have the impact of forcing a corporation to change their harmful strategies.

    It is a tough issue.

    Thanks again for participating in the Fireside.


  4. Please watch my How Many More? video featuring Gravel speaking on ending the Iraq war.

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