Ira Glass and the new church experience…
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Ira Glass and the new church experience…


Ira Glass is a master storyteller. His talent comes not from his ability to spin a story, but from his keen ability to recognize one and nurture it along with questions and encouragements. He is interested in people’s stories, in their lives and the interesting things that happen to them as unique persons. From a spiritual perspective, you might say that all of these stories are the stories of the way that we can see the divine in our lives. The stories are full of hope, and love, and peace and struggle, and all of the divine moments that we encounter every day. It takes a person like Ira Glass to point them out to us so that we do not forget that they exist.

If we voted for pastors, I would vote for Ira Glass. But we don’t, and Ira Glass doesn’t need to do anything different in order to reveal those divine moments to me. There is much talk about finding a new church experience, a new way of connecting with people and exposing them to the things in their lives that God is already involved in. I think that we could learn a lot about that process from Ira Glass.

Note: if anyone is unsure about who Ira Glass is, you can meet him here.


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