Remembering Bill Clinton
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Remembering Bill Clinton


This next year will see an unusual recalling of a particular Presidency. Hillary Clinton will likely be the Democratic nominee. She is proud of Bill Clinton’s Presidency – and is not afraid to say so (Al Gore should have been so smart.) Allow me to cast a particular viewpoint on that time in America’s history – and to contrast that time with today.

The President was trying to find a solution to the inequity in health care in America – the new Republican controlled congress was busy trying to stifle the President – their one driving force in the Republican Congress – stop Bill Clinton. They stopped any attempt at health care reform – but they could not stop Bill Clinton; he was reelected in 1996.

The Republicans went after him with a vengeance. He gave them a moral opening and they took it. While Osama Bin Laden was building and planning, the Republican Congress was enmeshed in the trivia of trying to impeach the President. Al Qaeda began attacking around the globe – and when the President responded the Republicans cried and whined that he was using diversionary tactics to avoid the real issues of his impeachment. The Republicans argued that Clinton was over-reacting to Al Qaeda to distract from their glorious attack on him personally. The Republicans would later have to face Al Qaeda themselves – and they have done a very poor job.

Clinton balanced the budget; the country was experiencing economic prosperity as seldom seen in our history. Al Gore failed to take advantage of the Clinton successes and the Republicans took charge. To the dismay of the country and the world.

Today, after six years of Republican control, our health care system is out of control – 50 Million people cannot participate. Government spending is out of control – the national debt is growing faster than ever. Social Security is threatened. Our military is at the worst state of readiness in forty years. And the threat of terrorism looms over us as Al Qaeda reconstitutes. Ethical, corruption, and sexual scandals haunt the Republican party – a product of the Religious Right. Chinese imports are killing our children.

Where is Bill Clinton when you need him? Bill Clinton honors America by continuing to work for peace and health care and economic prosperity in our country and in the world. This should be the job of the President – but alas – what has our current President done? How has the Republican led Congress contributed to world strife?


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