Garth Brooks – ticket follow-up
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Garth Brooks – ticket follow-up


Garth Brooks was to have a one-time concert in Kansas City, Missouri. The brand new Sprint Center – a KC downtown initiative, would host the concert. The problem was with tickets. How does one get them? Brooks is a real thoughtful guy – selling his gold tickets for $31. The concert organizers went to elaborate means to insure that ordinary folks, like you and me, would have an opportunity to purchase a ticket at a reasonable price. The ticket scalpers fumed for about three seconds, until they figured it out.

The tickets went on sale at 10:00 AM on Saturday, October 6, 2007. In ten minutes Brooks agreed to have a second concert – the first had sold out. He continued adding shows until he had sold out nine shows. Brooks personal schedule prevented adding more. But something funny happened on the way to the Sprint Center. Many of the people already on-line and on the phone to purchase their tickets continued to buy tickets for more shows. Many of the folks bought more tickets than they intend to personally use.

Their intention is to sell the extra tickets at inflated prices. Some are merely doing this to ‘cover their expenses to the concert.’ That seems so reasonable to these people desperate to see the icon. But many of these people are the same people who complain about ticket scalping. They complain about the internet scams to inflate the price of a ticket.

It seems that capitalism will rule the day – the market does establish the value – The ticket is worth what the seller is willing to take and the buyer is willing to give.

The admirable Garth Brooks did all he could to help his fan base. He is to be commended.


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