Fearists: the new face of terror…
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Fearists: the new face of terror…


We need a new term. You approached the idea of terrorism in other forms in a previous post. We need to identify that terrorists use violence, but many use fear and it is almost as destructive. I think if you use fear to influence others’ actions or to bring about social or political change, you could be dubbed a Fearist. You excuse yourself because you didn’t use violence, you weren’t physical, but you invoked the name of wrath and fear to make your point and to create a sense of urgency, thus preying on the fears of others to change what you feel is wrong or unjust.

This is the greatest republic in the history of the world, founded on the idea that we might not have to live in fear, but that we would have a change of power with no bloodshed and an equal voice to every person. If you silence another’s voice with threats, be they emotional, political, or spiritual threats, you are using fear and abusing the system that we hold so dear.

And you should be held accountable.


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  1. Son,

    It is an old face with a new name, wearing a new mask, disguised as reputable people – but using old tactic of fear and terror.


  2. Terrorism in the modern sense is violence or other harmful acts committed (or threatened) against civilians for political or other ideological goals. – Wikipedia

    I believe the above-cited definition actually does cover everything you were describing so a new term is not needed. The current term for the age-long evil is still sufficient unto the day.

  3. there is still a problem with the leveraging of fear to influence others. The fire and brimstone televangelist, I think, is a good example of a fearist; someone preying on others’ weakness and imposing the fear of hell and a wrathful God to establish power over their listeners. There is not direct violence, but it is a dark road, and someone needs to shine a light there.

    But, some prefer the darkness, and that’s OK with me.

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