Garth Brooks on Ebay
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Garth Brooks on Ebay


We have watched the interest in Garth Brooks with mild fascination. I just went to ebay and entered ‘Garth Brooks Concert Tickets.’ There are 1043 items. So I clicked on ‘1 lower level ticket.’ The bid started at $35 and after eight bids was up to $46.00. So I went to another item – two tickets – the bidding is over and the winning bid was $300.00. This is for two $31 tickets. What is this about?

I am not a concert kind of guy. I went to a concert one time with you and your sisters. I forget the name of the singer but I remember sitting in my chair while all of you stood in your seats – singing along and pumping your fists with the music. I stuffed cotton in my ears but I think I still lost ten years of hearing. Sometimes when we are chatting on line I cant understand what you are writing.

I do like Garth Brooks. I like his music. I like the kind of person he is. I admire his work ethic and his value in his family. I would go to a Garth Brooks concert – but I cannot imagine that I would pay $31 to hear someone sing. I am told that Garth Brooks is as good an entertainer as he is a singer. Some say that his concerts are better than Paul McCartney, Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, and even Minnie Pearl. I don’t know.

What I am pretty sure of is that people either acted impulsively and bought tickets they could not afford or could not use – or people bought more tickets than they intended to use. They intended to sell them on ebay.

Is that wrong. Probably not. We live in a particular economic system. Let the buyer be ware – and all that stuff. The market decides what the value is. As I have said before, I admire Garth Brooks for trying to make his concerts affordable to the average guy. I respect the efforts of the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Missouri, to try to find an equitable means of distributing a limited number of tickets.

I continue to watch this Garth Brooks phenomenon and I am continually amazed.


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