The Republican Debate – 8:00 PM CST – today
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The Republican Debate – 8:00 PM CST – today


I am watching the Republican debate and hope to sort something out – here they go, I’ll grab what grabs me:

Fred Thompson stumbles out of the gate with a crafted answer – his pause reflected a person unsure, and afraid he might make a mistake. Afraid he would fluke out of the spelling bee. Practiced answers – probably because it is his first debate.

Mitt Romney is fast and quick and informed. So quick I can’t quote him… “We are going to have to do a better job at negotiating trade agreements, we need to make sure the American worker gets a fair shake… We can do a better job… This is key for Michigan and for me Michigan is personal.”

Rudy Giuliani notes the free market is our greatest asset. “A president can’t be an economic forecaster – but he has to work on fundamentals, keep taxes low, regulations moderate, spending down, and stop frivolous lawsuits… Emphasize the pillars of growth that I mentioned.”

Ron Paul – “there is a transfer of wealth from the poor and middle class to the rich…” The people who get to use the money first are benefiting – the monetary system and the excess spending – “As long as we live beyond our means we will never realize our means.”

John McCain – “Wealth creates wealth – the problem is that we are losing industrial jobs and we must bring health care costs under control… Social Security is going broke and we have to get spending under control.”

Mike Huckabee – Will a tax on spending cause hoarding. “A fair tax untaxes productivity and exporting – we will be able to end the underground economy… The economy is doing well – but not for everybody… We need to untax the poor people.”

Duncan Hunter – “1.8 millions jobs have moved to China… We can only find one steel company in the states to produce high grade steel to protect our troops… The rest of you voted for most favored trade status for the Chinese… I would bring those jobs back home.”

Sam Brownback – “Currently most people work until the middle of May to pay their taxes – we need to fix the tax code with a flat tax… We have to get spending under control – the system is built to spend… No body comes to me to ask for less money.”

Tom Tancredo – “We have to think about what exactly is spending at the Federal level… The thing that pushes spending at the federal level is mandatory spending, Medicare and social security. You must look at social security and Medicare if you want to control federal spending… You must have private social security.”

John McCain – “we have left the industrial revolution behind – we are in a new economic revolution – the problem is that the American people no longer have faith in us that we will fix these problems… We have to go to the American people with clean hands… There is incredible waste in defense spending.”

These guys are pretty good – each of them presents a Republican philosophy accurately. Each of them presents as good, worthy, and responsible people. Duncan Hunter seems hawkish. Ron Paul is entertaining – candidly challenging and confronting standard politics.

I like John McCain, and Mike Huckabee for their fundamental intelligence and upstanding character. I like Giuliani for his practicality and grasp of the fundamentals. Mitt Romney would be a good manager of the country’s resources. Fred Thompson is very tall. I can’t figure out what Tom Tancredo is talking about. Sam Brownback is my neighbor – he is a very decent man. I quoted John McCain twice because I like John McCain – when you are a blogger you can do that.

The Republicans best chance of getting my vote is with John McCain or Mike Huckabee.

The next Republican debate should be between the trophy wives – I would probably stay up past my 9:00 PM bedtime to watch (with the TV sound muted.)


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  1. Good review. I like MIke Huckabee myself, tough I am not sure he could carry the
    commanding pressence needed for the job, such as Fred Thompson, who is indeed very tall.

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