Ben Afleck on Hardball
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Ben Afleck on Hardball


Writer, actor, director – So he gets to comment on world events. Chris Matthews is asking him about Senator’s votes for or against the Iraq War.

Afleck notes the Youtube video about Cheney arguing against an invasion of Iraq. So Chris Matthews plays some clips from the Republican debate and the authority of the President to go to war. Every one of those guy, with the exception of Ron Paul, think the President had the authority. They run around it with qualifiers but none of them denied his authority. Matthews says they act like we are run by a military junta that only goes to congress as a courtesy. It is a good characterization.

Afleck presents well – noting the irony of Guiliani talking about constitutional authority in one breath and in the next denying the opportunity for the President to use line item vetoes.

Afleck says some problems need to be addressed from the bottom up, like poverty and education.

Matthews plays a clip of Carter attacking Cheney stating that “Cheney is a disaster.” Afleck says he is not a fan of Dick Cheney but that Carter probably went to far with his attack.

Afleck, “The one really thing that is bad about American politics is the catering to so many to gain votes. That is one of the good things about Al Gore right now because he can be more open and honest. Everyone is terrified of making a mistake.”

They have to take a commercial break but when they come back Matthews is going to ask Afleck what he thinks about the obsession of cable news with missing children. Cool. Ben Afleck is the one person who probably understands this issue (kidding folks).

Ben Afleck has a new movie out and he is on the stump to promote the movie – Why, I wonder, is Hardball a platform for Ben Afleck. How does talking with a Hollywood actor qualify as Hardball?

The one relevant question to Afleck by Matthews was simply, “When the candidates are debating, can you tell who is acting?”

Afleck is politically astute. He dodged the question by talking about the need for charisma. “Guiliani seems to be mitigating his social issues with this really hard foreign policy stand. Even evangelicals are gravitating to him and it has to be on the foreign policy issues. Guiliani has moved toward the Neo-con position of foreign policy… Some see Mormonism as almost heretical… The others like Brownback don’t seem to be attracting the evangelicals.”

OK they are talking about missing children and apparently Afleck’s new movie is about missing children. “I wanted it to have the integrity of being real but I wanted it to be surprising.”

Chris Matthews tells Afleck that he is a good political pundit, what a suck up. Not much Hardball. I guess there is some human interest in learning what Hollywood types think about politics.

It must be a slow news day.


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  1. I’ve often wondered why it seems so imoprtant to know what the stars think about politics. I agree with the comment questioning his relevance on the show, what about that is concidered hardball? As radical and uncommon as so many celebities views and beliefs are, it must only be ratings and pandering to a specific demographic that drives thier involvement.

    I really enjoy this blog, thank you for the opportunity to respond and interact.

  2. Joe,

    I appreciate your comments but you sound like one of those mid west conservative nut cases who automatically discounts anything Hollywood. Are you from Iowa or something.


  3. I am a conservative nut job from the mid west, and as proud of it as you are being a flaming liberal. I am not dicounting everything Hollywood, but it would be easy to do, me being so full of that neo-con arrogance. Thanks for the reply. I think you would be surprised to know how liberal the state of Iowa is, and the town I live in is an industial haven, so many unions. Easy to walk in just about anywhere and be involved in a long, heated debate.

  4. Joe,

    That is funny. I don’t think of myself as a flaming liberal, just liberal in the context of the culture I live in. So you are from the great state of Iowa, huh. I was just trying to provoke someone and did not know how close I was to the mark.

    I think you have commented on other posts and I find you to be engaging and thoughtful – i was just testing the temperature of your blood.

    Thanks for writing and I am happy that someone in Iowa is enjoying this blog.


  5. Didn’t intend to offend with the flaming lib comment, and hope no offense was taken. It was a subtle reference to a previous posting on this site. Thanks, Joe

  6. Joe,



  7. Ohg,

    First my wife and now you. Why cant people be nice to me. Wow, I really am a sissy.

  8. Joe,

    Yeah, but at least you have a sense of humor. Dick Cheney them if they cannot take a joke.


  9. We almost wish we hadn’t bought our house with this tough economy. Doing all we can to keep groceries on the table.

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