Al Gore – political Tea Leaves
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Al Gore – political Tea Leaves


There are people who would like for Al Gore to run for President again. Tomorrow the Nobel Prize committee will announce their selections and Al Gore is a nominee. He is attracting some attention for sure. There is an active Draft Al Gore movement.

I happened to be watching a couple of Hollywood Awards shows where Gore was recognized for his work on “An Inconvenient Truth.” There are very rich, if not influential people out there who support Gore. He really has made a huge impact on the world’s understanding of climate issues. That said, would he make a good candidate for President today?

I think that is a matter of perspective. Some people, like you and I, have at least been following the candidacies of several candidates – some people have been working real hard for their selection. The core of the activists are already committed.

The Draft Gore Movement is running television ads and full page newspaper ads to draft Gore. Gore claims that he is busy with his Global Warming initiative – but has not said never.

The people around Gore say he is very busy with business activities and his climate initiative but that he would be very honored to be drafted. He continues to leave an impression that he might consider an opportunity. Is there a circumstance where a candidate could fizzle out or suffer some other calamity? There is a six month period form the primary process to the actual Democratic Convention.

I suspect people like Gore keep their options open. He is at about 12% in the polls today and is no fool – he knows that getting in now would be a real struggle. My notion is that he will wait. After the primaries, and before the Democratic Convention, anything could happen; not likely, but possible. If the candidate falters in this time period and the Democrats need a known quantity to pick up the flag – I think Al Gore will be ready.

Anything less than that opportunity and we will not see Al Gore running for President.

We’ll see.


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  1. We missed the boat with Al Gore in 2000. I watched in horror as we put Alfred E. Newman in the White House and the rest is history.

    Remember assholes saying “If Gore were President on 9/11, we would be speaking Arabic now”

    Congratulations! GW Bush fans. What do you do for an encore? Vomit?

  2. I think if Gore wants to run, it would be a mistake to wait until primaries/caucuses are under way. Those contests will commit delegates to other candidates (at least in the first round of convention voting); if he wins the Nobel Peace prize, and is serious about seeking the presidency, I’d suggest he should throw his hat in the ring soon after the award.

    To “gasdocpol” — we’d have been a lot better off with the *real* Alfred E. Newman.

  3. Al Gore, congratulations on winning the Nobel Peace Prize. Now it is time to announce your wish to become America’s president, take your seat in the White House, and be the leader we have all been waiting for to move beyond the corrupt system of Empire and towards Earth community. Kudos to the Nobel Committee for realizing that sustainability is peace.

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