Blogging in China
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Blogging in China


So I have been blogging with you for less than two months. Actually, I never read a blog before two months ago. But I think of myself today as a blogger. I write things and I watch the statistics. It is about 2:00 on Friday afternoon. There has been about a three hour lull in the visits to our site.

I am anxious for the people who are taking their extra long Friday lunches. I wish they would go back to work so they could read their favorite blog. The statistics do say something about America. We get most of our visitors from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday to Friday. Saturday drops off and then the traffic picks up again on Sunday afternoon.

As I have been wandering around the blogosphere I noticed there are some blogs written in some language that I don’t recognize. Some of them are Oriental or Arabic, languages that are not of Indo-European origin and do not use the Roman alphabet. So occasionally I go to one of those blogs and feel my way around until I find their comments sections. I write things like, “I don’t understand what you are trying to say. Pleas speak louder.” or “Don’t you know how to speak plain engles?” You know, stuff like that. They don’t write back but I am not offended. I am a blogger. I am learning to let things like that go.

It did strike me that we have a trade imbalance with China and Japan. I think we could compete better if we introduced blogging into their cultures. Their labor costs would rise and then we would be on a more even playing field. To bad the people at the State Department are out to lunch – they could get some good ideas from bloggers.


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