Father Guido Sarducci, an American Priest
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Father Guido Sarducci, an American Priest


I was watching some old news clips on television and they had this Priest from the late 1970’s. He was giving a sermon on how God keeps a tally in our lives. He has a sort of Italian accent but I think he must be second generation immigrant because he capably introduces capitalist ideology into his theology.

His idea seemed very practical. After we are born God will put some money in an account for every day that we live; I think Father Sarducci said $14.00. Then every time we do something wrong God takes some out.

For instance, he said, if we commit a little white lie it would be a $10.00 charge. Now that does not sound like much but I remember when I was a child, whooee! It’s a good thing I am old. Bigger offenses cost more, like a murder would be $100,000. I think that is fair; murder is pretty serious stuff.

Father Sarducci said, and I think this comes from Leviticus, that if you die and you owe more money than you have in your account then you have to come back and live another life. The wise Father said that after about five lifetimes some people have to come back as Nuns.

You and I talk quite a bit about faith and truth and other important things. We keep these discussions in the ideal – then we don’t have to do anything. Father Sarducci puts it to us in very real and simple terms.

Makes me proud of the Catholic Church.


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