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Chris Dodd – White Hare


I have been spending some time looking at Chris Dodd. I like his demeanor and his politics. He has a lot to offer and I think that I would like to see Barack as his VP on the ticket. It is early, and I am looking around, and I am influenced and intrigued by the messages that I hear. I know some of these names and have seen and heard from a variety of the candidates in the past, but Presidential races alway are a good opportunity to examine congressmen and women that are not from my state and that I might not have thought much about in the past. I took a short survey from Minnesota Public Radio and was interested in some of the positions from candidates that I was not as familiar with. It’s not a voting tool, just a research tool, and it is interesting to take an opportunity to see the political spectrum from a different angle. Here is an ad from Dodd that I found in my wanderings:

A sense of humor is certainly refreshing.


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