KU Fans – don’t know any!
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KU Fans – don’t know any!


The KU Jayhawks are on a roll. Downhill. They are picking up steam but their train isn’t pulling any freight. They ain’t nobody. They haven’t played nobody. No freight, no load, no body. I don’t know any KU Fans but before I run into any, and they will becoming out of the woodwork like it is basketball season or something, I want to remind them to not forget about the showdown at Arrowhead.

They are not playing Oklahoma, or Texas Tech, or Texas this season. So what, they beat K-State at home. Who says K-State is anybody. So real football fans don’t want to hear about how KU is undefeated and better than MU. KU didn’t play anybody in non-conference play. The Jayhawks have not played any ranked teams, nor will they – until they meet a real team at Arrowhead. KU plays the high school boys, just like Kansas State used to. K-State was once ranked – but that was fleeting. K-State was ranked all the time in the past under Bill Snyder, but they never played anybody of any consequence. So the record is meaningless. And the BCS polls will show it when they come out today. BCS is the Bowl Championship Series.

MU has played three ranked teams. and beat two of them. If the Tigers had played the Sooners in Columbia – goodbye Sooners.

MU may have lost to Oklahoma but the strength of their schedule will shine through. And when MU and Ku meet at Arrowhead the Show-me State motto will prevail. There will be no dispute who the champion is.


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