Collecting on Soviet Debt – adventures in email
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Collecting on Soviet Debt – adventures in email


Do you like the title. It is a come-on. Wal Mart would call it a loss leader. Anything to get the customer in the door. So this is really about getting someone to come look at us, and I’ll try to work in something about the Soviet Union to validate the title.

It struck me while I was out walking today that we could use tried and true methods of circulation. We should do one of those pyramid schemes. You know, with email. I’ll give a suggestion here:

Please send this email to at least ten friends. Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, has adopted a new foreign policy strategy. Putin is going to give $10 to anyone who reads a liberal blog, like I’m serious, he really said this behind closed doors where no one could hear him. He also said that he will give $10 for each reference to this email. So if you send the email to ten people you get $100. Sounds like easy money to me.

To invoice your claim, just copy the email to Putin at Your invoice will be filed in that really big file cabinet under “Old Soviet Debts to Society.”

Now go buy two lottery tickets at the convenient store. Good luck to all.

That should do it. Readers – copy this post and paste it into an email. Send it to all of your friends and you will never be required to worry about social security again.

(This presents a question – do we write a title and then fit the writing into it, or do we write the post and then figure out an appropriate title?)


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