President Bush – inspiring talk
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President Bush – inspiring talk


I am watching a live broadcast of President Bush talking in a town-hall style format. He is on a roll and is actually doing a pretty good job. I don’t seem him like this very often.

He just said, with force, vigor, and even some charisma, (I can’t type fast enough so I’ll have to ad lib some.) Sorry President Bush – “I believe in the No Child Left Behind legislation. And here is why. We have to be able to measure in order to know if we have a problem and where the problem is. This is critical to the future of our education system. It is civil rights legislation. We are not teaching children to take tests – we are teaching them to read. And we want to know who can read and who can’t so we can fix the problem. We want our children to be successful and to do this we must give them a good education.”

President Bush is on some sort of intellectual and charismatic high today – I find myself impressed with his presentation.

I don’t agree very often with the President – and I’m not convinced about the No Child Left Behind legislation – but President Bush is presenting very well today.

Good Job President Bush – drop Karl Rove and the other flunkies and show us who you really are and what you really believe – you come across much better in this light.


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  1. democrat

    Researchers look up intelligence on concerns such as this for changing motives.

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