Parenting – the baby wipe metaphor
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Parenting – the baby wipe metaphor


I just read your great post on making your own baby wipes. You and your wife are examples of what parenting should be. The baby wipes are but one manifestation of parental love – that outward sign of parents who put real energy into their children.

Parenting takes energy. Good parenting comes to life in the everyday small things that are required of true love. Your children are small, but not to be underestimated. They watch you. They see you toiling in the kitchen to make the baby wipes. They know that those wipes are not for you. They know that you are putting energy into them. Children know where their parent’s priorities lie. They see the evidence every day.

Your children will grow up knowing they are loved. I have witnessed you and your wife hugging and cuddling and loving your children. When that first born was an infant I was blessed to watch you bath her, gently massaging with soft music in the background. That child has experienced the true love of her parents.

One day she will venture out into the world. She will be a teen. She will long for her independence. She will find the troubles of the world waiting to invite her in. The troubles will disguise themselves as joy and happiness. The alcohol and cocaine and methamphetimine will sing their siren songs. She will stand on the stoop, looking into that inviting life of pleasure – and she will intuitively know that true happiness does not come easily. True love and happiness were found in the labors of selfless acts of kindness. She will turn away from the entry into a life or horror.

The baby wipes are practical means of saving money and protecting the environment. But the making of the wipes is much more. The daily demonstration of the love of parenting will reap rewards. We live in a dangerous world – the shield of love will protect your children.

Good job Son. Daughter – you are the best!


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