Psychcentral – help for troubled people
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Psychcentral – help for troubled people


We have had some comments this week from someone at an internet place called Psychcentral. I have just been to their site – I was even attracted by one of their blogs and wrote a comment to some poor desperate soul. I am impressed with Psychcentral – they have a great service.

I know something about this. Mostly because of my own craziness. You know better than our readers that I am borderline wacko. I have invested most of the past thirty years to trying to find sanity in an insane world. Just when I think I am beginning to understand myself in the context of my world – I escalate to the next level of nuttiness.

So someone from psychcentral commented on Old People Exercising and I went to visit them. We had a cup of coffee and … all figurative … hope to enjoy a future friendship.

Reader – if you are troubled, suffer the indignity of mental duress in a cruel society, have trouble with family members who drink or drug, or drink and drug yourself – please visit psychcentral.

Please take action in your own life. When we sink into the depths of hopelessness, of despair, when we feel we are drowning in life – muster your strength and make one more call for help. Call psychcentral.


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