Traits of Self Control
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Traits of Self Control


I continue with my series on behavior – I remain inspired by the efforts of Bill Cosby. Again – I found some old literature, not of my origin. This paper is like many others, it has been copied and recopied – it has served others. Perhaps it has more life.

Self Control:

1. Has a pattern of accepting responsibility at home, at work, and in society.

2. Has a lifestyle of hard work, and fulfillment of obligations.

3. Is considerate of others.

4. Derives self-respect and the respect of others through achievement.

5. Desires to be irresponsible occur but disappear without having to make conscious effort.

6. Does not infringe on the right or property of others.

7. Possess open trust – makes choices that are in their own best interest and the interest of others.

There is conflict in the messages presented. Number 4 on this list might be in conflict with other attributes of being dysfunctional – pleasing others with achievement seems to me to be finding self respect in what we do, rather than who we are.

It is important to me to be satisfied with who I am as a person before I bother with worrying about achievement.

These are just thoughts for those who are trying see themselves more accurately.


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