Rush Limbaugh – the need for acceptance
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Rush Limbaugh – the need for acceptance


The human condition of social acceptance has overridden basic moral values. For centuries governments, churches, and the literary/art community have served to help define a set of moral standards, to articulate them, to promote the clarity of civilized man. There is purpose. As social creatures by nature and nurture, we all have a need for acceptance. To be accepted we need to understand the culture and act accordingly. It seems today that the need for acceptance has become the moral standard, overriding all other values.

Rush Limbaugh will attack anyone if it promotes his favoritism within his community of right wing zealots. He becomes the lap dog of Mitch McConnell and other Republican demagogues. It is really sad. People like McConnell understand the boundaries of morality – they don’t follow them, but they understand them. They understand the moral consequences. So they hide, they send out their messengers, they call Rush. Limbaugh, ever eager to please so he can be a member of the club, begins his tirade.

In this case he attacked a 12 year old boy, Graeme Frost. The boy was injured in an automobile accident and found medical care through the SCHIP program, a health care program sponsored by our government. SCHIP is threatened by the current budget proposals and the Frost boy stepped forward to recount his story. Senator McConnell unleashed the rabid dogs. Rush came out of his kennel, frothing and gnarling, flailing at the innocent boy.

So we shoot the messenger. We shoot the rabid dog. Our society becomes so intent on the dog that we forget the dog owner – that despicable owner who trains the dog to be mean and vicious. Senator McConnell is Michael Vick, and Rush Limbaugh is his favorite pit bull. Let the dog fights begin.

The desire to be a part of the tribe, to be a real Apache Warrior, has become more important than the original purpose of having a tribe. Rush Limbaugh smears war paint all over himself, jumps on his horse (the saddle is hidden under the blanket) and storms out to Wounded Knee. These savages run around thinking they are the cavalry, they think they are the good guys – and they are – in the eyes of the Cheneys and McConnells.

Rush Limbaugh holds himself above the mercenary class – he thinks of himself as fighting for ideals, for righteousness, for truth, for justice… Well, Rush Limbaugh is a mercenary, working for money and acceptance. The real tragedy is found in the Congressmen who sell their souls to join the Party. Being invited to the Party has become the highest moral value.

Lost in the battle of overloaded, blustering testosterone is the sick child. Lost is the mother who cannot feed her children. Lost is the value of human dignity, of love, of kindness, of humanity. Lost is the concept of what it means to be civilized.


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