George Will – hold your conservative horses
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George Will – hold your conservative horses


I like to read George Will’s column. I love the way he uses words; he is a true craftsman in the art of writing. His intellect is obvious. And I almost never agree with his message. His column of today, Sunday, October 21, is especially lost in his attempt to attack liberals. Mr. Will drags the liberal/conservative debate out in a feeble attempt to make his case – if one does not like something then just call it liberal – case closed. Even if one is wrong in the designation.

Mr. Will presented his case on the flaws of the line-item veto. Something that I am opposed to, as is Mr. Will. We both agree on the premise – but Mr. Will went to a Saturday morning garage sale to get his argument. It is worn out and should not work. He insults the thinking public with his frivolous name calling.

The argument is around the Powers of the Presidency and the duties of congress. Mr. Will argues, and I agree, that this country operates on a system of government with power distributed over three branches of government. The current ‘conservative’ Presidency has done everything, even the unimaginable, to take power for itself.

But Mr. Will blames liberals. He writes: “The line-item veto expresses liberalism’s faith in top-down government and the watery Caesarism that has produced today’s inflated Presidency. Liberalism assumes that executive branch experts know, as Congress does not, what is good for the nation ‘as a whole.’

Hold your conservative horses Mr. Will. Get off your cell phone while driving through Washington. Pay attention – The Conservatives have owned the White House for the past six years – six years of the most offensive attempts at empowering the President! Our country is in a crisis of leadership. Fostered by phony, to quote Rush Limbaugh, conservative Republicans. The conservative run congress has empowered the President in global domination and his domestic Police State.

The lap-dog Republican Congress, afraid of Presidential rebuttal, cowered in the halls of the Capital Building, and granted powers unparalleled in our history.

Mr. Will – you have the intellect and the writing skill to make your case without feeble attempts at name calling. What are you afraid of?

I have to note that, with the exception of straying into name calling, Mr. Will presents the fundamental problems with the line-item veto. He should have stayed on message.

Son – this is a fascinating time in the history of this great country. The fabric of our constitution is being tested. Unlike the conservatives, this liberal has faith that justice will prevail.


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